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Testimonials of our English Speaking Customers  
(Testimonios de Nuestros Clientes de Habla Hispana)  
Thane A.
The quenacho
Thank you all so much! The quenacho is just what I wanted. I put my faith in Alandres and am very pleased.
About Thanes requirements: I have developed a deep desire to play Fernando Jose Wayra's Concert Indieni la Piata Unirii song that can be viewed on youtube.
Though the instrument he is pretending to playing I believe is a quenacho.

Tuolume, CA, USA
03/09/2009 06:18:15 p.m.

H. Jess
About Zalapa custom Panormo Guitar
Happy New Year to you, TiendasLatinas and Martin Zalapa! Today I received the Panormo, and I was amazed by its beauty and how it corresponds in every possible detail to the link I sent you. I have just tuned it up and played my first Fernando Sor pieces on it, and I was struck by the beautiful and rich sound from such a small and affordable instrument. I have many happy hours in front of me!!. I would strongly advise M. Zalapa to add this instrument to his gallery, obviously there is an interesting market for Panormo guitars at such affordable prices, there are thousands of amateur guitarists all over the world who would be delighted to seize this opportunity. I am also very grateful for the ebony fingerboard and the fine gig bag included in the price! You have a large part in my heart, and you can be sure I will always speak well of you, TiendasLatinas and M. Zalapa!

03/09/2009 06:15:37 p.m.

Gareth and family

I received the Ronroco yesterday and I am very pleased indeed.
Although the Ronroco finish is not perfect, the price reflects that.
Your customer service is outstanding (you do your job very well)
The instrument was very very well packaged for the long journey to England.
The free welcome gift CD was greatfully received and already listened to.
I will be posting positive reviews for Tiendaslatinas on the internet in the next few days.
My baby daughter was born 4 weeks early and is healthy 2.85kgs (6.3lbs) and I will be irritating her with my bad playing while I am learning.
To show how amateur I am, I have already broken a string, luckily I bought some spare a year ago HAHA!
I look forward to buying a more expensive Ronroco from you in the future.

Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom
03/09/2009 06:02:37 p.m.

Harry Jess
Spanish Vihuela ZAL017
Dear Malu,
How fortunate I was to stumble over TiendasLatinas when I was searching for vihuelas on the Internet! To my great surprise I found a Spanish Vihuela ZAL017 at a very affordable price. I placed my order on June 18, and on August 4 it arrived at my doorstep. That's what I call service! And when I saw the beautiful little instrument and how well-made it was, I was even more surprised. The tone was very round and full for such a small instrument, so please convey my deepfelt compliments to your eminent luthier, Martin Zapala. It has been a pleasure to do business with you and I wish you all the very best in the future.

03/09/2009 05:45:51 p.m.

JuYeon L
About a customer whom exchanged a Soto with a much higher priced Acha charango.
I received the Acha charango all right, and I like it! And I realized Soto's previous charango was really a good one considering the price. Did you receive it all right?

Seoul, Republic of Korea
03/09/2009 05:43:34 p.m.

Claude B

Feliz ano nuevo, El soto ha llegado es un hermoso instrumento. Me gusta mucho.
Muchas gracias.

Now in english.

I am very happy, thanks to Pedro for the beautiful custom work. Tell him that this charango is even better than the German Rivas I had. I asked you a 37 cm scale to put all aquila (small one break passed 37cm) but I got a 39 cm. I am very happy with it and I put Medina Atigas for the 3 small ones...

Thank you again. As always we can trust you.

Long life to Tiendas


Kelowna, BC, Canada
24/04/2008 9:54:11

Richard P.
About The Hawaian Koa Vihuela (ZAL021)

I just received my vihuela today. It is a beautiful work of art, and it sounds great! I checked your website again, and the Hawaiian Koa vihuela is back at regular price. Do you expect it will go on sale again? I would have wanted to purchase another one under the sale price. Thanks for all your prompt replies.

Thanks, Richard

Signal Hill, CA. USA
24/04/2008 9:47:00

Robert A.
About Concert Baroque Guitar [ZAL016]
I have received the Concert Baroque Guitar and have had a week to play it.
One of the additions from the previous picture is a beautifully carved rose. It is most welcome.
The guitar is nicely crafted, the wood resonant, and the sound even and clear throughout the range. The size of the instrument is just right for the hands when playing from Baroque tablature.
Any guitarist competent on early instruments could replace the nylon frets and strings with gut and adjust the action. However, the instrument is fine the way it is, and the tonal quality most excellent.
Thanks to the fine luthiers and to TiendasLatinas,.

Troy, OH, USA
3/10/2008 10:10:30 AM

Urban O.
Spanish style Laud (ZAL012)
Hi All
Yes I have received it now, Great....;-)
It was a good package.
I have tuned the Laud and it sounds good
thank you all...
And send my thanks to the builder/luthier.

06/12/2007 12:14:33 p.m.

M Slagle
Aguayo knapsack with leather (AM034) & Leather knapsack (ABOL067)

Just wanted to let you know I picked up my shipment on Saturday and was thrilled with the bags. They are very nice.

I am sure I will be ordering more soon.

Thanks again very much,


27/09/2007 12:18:14 p.m.

Hi Malu,

Just to let you know that the Charango arrived in Holland today.
FANTASTIC !!!! really pleased and the CD you sent with it is much appreciated.

Thanks for providing such a prompt and efficient service, will certainly order again.

Best wishes


17/09/2007 10:06:17 a.m.

Jolanda W.
Thank you very much !!!
Thank you very much for the information about these zampona.
You give realy a good service to your customers.

All of my pupils have, I give the webpage from tiendaslatinas to buy an instrument of their choise.

Thanks again Jolanda.

EVERDINGEN, Netherlands
03/04/2007 10:02:26 a.m.

Lee K.
About Gamboa Concert Balalaika

I recieved it today and am very satisfied it is the best ever thank you so much.


United States
19/12/2006 11:18:18 a.m.

Judy P.
About leather purses ABOL065
Hello Malu;

The purses arrived and they are beautiful!

Merry Christmas.

United States
19/12/2006 11:16:00 a.m.

Harald T.
About Bolivian music
Thank You Malu!

One Month ago @ the 4th of November I received your package!
I was so happy about this! I love to listen the Folk music of the bolivian country because it's so much life & love in it!

Many greets to tiendas latinas and you Malu!
I hope to order again @tiendasLatinas, in the near future!
In this sense friendly greetings

14/12/2006 12:14:33 p.m.

Harald T.
About Bolivian music
Thank You Malu!

One Month ago @ the 4th of November I received your package!
I was so happy about this! I love to listen the Folk music of the bolivian country because it's so much life & love in it!

Many greets to tiendas latinas and you Malu!
I hope to order again @tiendasLatinas, in the near future!
In this sense friendly greetings

14/12/2006 12:14:33 p.m.

Jonathan H.
About a Cuatro from Gamboa
I just got the Venezuelan Cuatro today. It works fine, very good quality.

Thank you very much !


Jonathan H.

Alsace, France
03/11/2006 11:11:25 a.m.

Richard V.
About a Custom made Vihuela Española
I just received my new vihuela de mano. (It arrived last week, but I was away at the time). It is wonderful! Please convey my thanks and admiration to the master craftsmen who produced it. They did a spendid job, and I am very appreciative of all the extra touches they put in. (This kind of instrument might be a good addition to their market -- replicas of historical instruments made in the USA or in Europe are very expensive, and there seem to be many people interested in them. The quality of the instruments they made for me is excellent, and I think that if early-instrument enthusiasts could know about the possibility of having a vihuela or baroque guitar made at a price well below the competition, they would jump at the chance to buy one. There are several US websites dedicated to ancient instruments -- it might be worth looking into getting a listing on them as a source for nstruments.)

Thanks once again, and best regards -


United States
19/07/2006 11:11:54 a.m.

Claude Brun
Custom made charango by Pedro Soto
I just got it and change strings (aquila) light gauge.Soon they will be a hit when the musicians will know it.I am happy that you carry them. The metal strings will go on a special Acha charangon. I am happy with the CDs and always happy with you.
>I saw that Jorge Martinez opened a wbsite too. Bolivian stuff it is called but I am loyal to tiendas, you always improve it. I will let you know about the sound when the strings will be on. I will be interested in a hard case from inti and more mettal strings soon. I will pay them.I will order a method and some Cds too.
Can you tell me if the hermosa charangos are popular? which brand is the biggest hit? just for info.I did a slideshow since 2002 about charango with pictures from the internet.If you want one I will be pleased to send it to you. I made it with Power point. I hope to come back one day to Cochabamba and Aiquile

Regards my bolivian friend


05/06/2006 10:48:23 a.m.

Bruno Gustavo Tavares
ZAL013 Baroque Guitar
Dear Malu,

I received the instrument on monday if i am not mistaken. The instrument is beautiful but i have to make some notes on it: i ordered gut frets and came nylon frets. the instrument is well made, the finishing is beautiful but tell the instrument maker >that the bridge is too high difficulting the action of the left hand. The spruce top could be thinner so that way would improve the sound, also if he could make the body of the instrument 5 cms longer (including the string lengh at least 65,5 cms at least) it would be closer to the standards of the european baroque guitars and people would not have to make any adjustments.
Thank you for the attention!


Brooklyn, NY, USA
05/06/2006 10:26:26 a.m.

Robert Hunter
About Ecuatorian Bandolin

Got the Bandolin package the other day. It is quite a beautiful instrument, thank you so much. I also appreciate the cd you gave me, you are most kind.
Thanks again.

Robert Hunter

United States
05/06/2006 10:17:55 a.m.

Richard Viladesau
Guitarra Barroca of Martin Zapala (ZAL013)
I take great pleasure in the last instrument that I received -- as you may recall, it was a special order of a jarana made like a baroque guitar. The maker did a beautiful job.

I am now wondering whether he can make me another instrument, similar to the last one in size and shape, but this time with six courses (total of 12 strings). Again, I would like it to be with tied frets instead of metal frets, wooden tuning pegs, and with the fretboard flush with the body of the guitar.

If this would be possible, would you kindly let me know how much it would cost?

Thanks once again for your wonderful service.

Elmont, NY 11003 USA
04/05/2006 10:46:01 a.m.

Richard Viladesau
Writes about his Mexican Jarana
Thanks for inquiring. Yes, the new jarana is wonderful -- exactly what I wanted. Better in fact the maker has made the shape more like that of a baroque guitar than my previous jarana was. I am delighted!


Elmont, NY United States
15/02/2006 10:41:52 a.m.

Richard Viladesau
Writes about his Mexican made instruments.
I am absolutely delighted with my jarana veracruzana. So much so, that I am
wondering whether Maestro Zapala can make me another similar one, but with
one modification. Would it be possible to make a jarana with 9 strings,
instead of 8 that is, with four double courses, and only one single
course? (The single course would be the highest note, the bottom course on
the instrument, as in a baroque guitar). I would also wish the traditional
wooden tuning pegs, instead of machines, and nylon frets instead of metal
(same as in the instrument I have now). Please let me know whether such an
instrument can be made, and, if so, what the additional cost would be.

Thanks very much
Richard Viladesau

Elmont, NY United States
13/02/2006 10:39:59 a.m.

Riccardo Pini
Ya llegò!!
E' arrivato! ottimo strumento, ottimo imballaggio...e grazie per il CD!!


Firenze, Italy
10/02/2006 10:38:54 a.m.

Vinicio Burattini
Dear Malu

You were right. My quena is arrived today. It seems to me a beautiful
instrument. I am a classical flute player but I will have to use it to play
the Misa Criolla by Ramirez. So I hope I will be able to play it soon. Thank
you very much for you kind present.


Ancona Italy
09/02/2006 10:36:50 a.m.

Ley Kowalczyk
Sobre charango de Pedro Soto

I just wanted to write to you say that the charango is absolutely beautiful. We are so pleased with the quality and beauty of the instrument. Also, your service is excellent and we will definitely continue to use you.


With kindest regards
Ley Kowalczyk

Hastings East Sussex, United Kingdom
08/02/2006 10:35:00 a.m.

Claude Brun
Sobre charangos Juan Acha
Hola Malu
Congratulations to offer Juan 's charangos.I have 2 from him one custom made en SI and a concert one.He is among the best.
When the Pedro Soto will be ready let me know that I send the money.I might send it with western union instead of visa depending if the new one will be ready .Is this way of payment works for you? you are the best website for good instruments and it is nice to know whom we buy from.Others don't want to give the builder's name and charge too much.

Con un abrazo amical

Kelowna, BC, Canada
07/02/2006 10:34:05 a.m.

Toshihiro Kanenobu
ALAN211 Concert charango with brazilian rosewood sound box.
Dear Malu
I've just received!
Everything is OK.
Thank you so much for your prompt reply and your excellent job.

Toshihiro Kanenobu

Kasugai, Japan
05/02/2006 10:28:26 a.m.

Olivier Duchamp
About purchase of charango, cuatro and tiple.
It was a pleasure to work with Tiendas Latinas for this first time. Regarding the very high level and quality of the different intruments I've received from Gamboa, I'm pretty sure that the second time will come soon...Best regards !!!

16/11/2005 11:27:31 a.m.

Byeong Gee Kim
Thank you, Malu
I received my quena today.
This one is really nice.
Alandres makes beautiful quena.
Muchas gracia

16/11/2005 11:14:02 a.m.

Peter Moore
Order Received !!
Just writing to let you know that my order, both Bolivian and Peruvian packages, arrived today, complete and in excellent condition. Fifteen days total time for shipment.
I would also like to express my surprise and delight at receiving the Duo Sentimiento CD as a gift. Thank you very much!

United States
05/07/2005 10:52:15 a.m.

Susanne Hauke
My Order
Dear Malu:
CD and cassette have arrived today.
T H A N K YOU !!!

23/05/2005 11:10:29 a.m.

John Mayers
2005 Oruro Carnival
Your Oruro Carnival DVDs arrived today and they are wonderful. Thank you very much.

United States
12/04/2005 10:48:42 a.m.

Ralph Houston
I received the flutes and my teacher said that the flutes were of the best he has seen . Thanks very much . I will be ordering more very soon .

United States
08/03/2005 11:07:31 a.m.

Mike Rosen
I am writing to let you know that I received the quihada yesterday in the mail and it was in excellent condition.

Many thanks and I will tell all my percussionist friends about you.

With regards


Claude Brun
Charangos Sabino Orozco
As always there is good service, honnest deals and quality instruments. I want you to add this testimony because there are people in the internet who make you pay but never send the instrument. I want to warn potential buyers to be careful when they want to buy flutes or charangos ,before going to web site like andean wind instruments from a (Edited by admin), try Tiendas latinas they are Bolivian competent and honest. I wanted a special modelo from Sabino Orozco, they looked for it, sent me the picture and gave me extra strings. Feliz Navidad y "Bolivia con su litoral"...

Con un abrazo de Canada

Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada

Mary Bayes
The ruana arrived today (December 23). It is very beautiful. Thank you so much for your help and efficient service. I will recommend your web site to my friends.

Best wishes for a prosperous New Year!

Denver Colorado, USA.

David Miller
Dog Basket & Pillow
I received the dog basket this morning and am very pleased. Thank you for the phone calls and keeping me updated on the delivery. I appreciate you expediting this item for me so that I could have it by June 30th.

Malu, thank you for your help also in obtaining this item. I look forward to doing business with you again.

Thank you.

Pensacola, FL 32506 USA.

Roseanna Perkins
Alpaca Socks.
The shipment was fine we liked the product very much.
Thank you.

Timonium, MD USA.

Jeffrey Turner
Wood Carved Frame
I received the new frame is beautiful. Thanks again for being so responsive in replacing the broken one. Have a wonderful summer.

Califon, NJ USA.

Cécile Odartchenko
Alpaca Products
To the managment of Tiendaslatinas:

I have been delighted to know about your site and to purchase at Tiendaslatinas, enchanted by the great class of your responsable man, Malu, and hope to be regarded in the future as I have been in the past as a customer who deserves very special attention and who can therefore enjoy the quality of your very special products.

Long live to Tiendas latinas!!!!

Montreuil-sur-Brèch, France.

Carlos H Castillo
Thank you for keeping me informed on my order. I wish you the best with tiendaslatinas, because of employees like you, makes doing business with your organization a pleasure.

Thanks and God bless you

Orlando, FL.USA.

Tom Hart
Quenacho and Carrying Bags
I received the quenacho and carrying bags today in good order. It is wonderful to get a genuine instrument mailed from Bolivia. I'm even keeping the Bolivian postage stamps because they look really nice.

Pearland, Texas, USA.

Lisa Hohlfeld
My order arrived (finally) today! I just LOVE my ruana and matching chulu. They are beautiful colors, fine quality yarns and expertly crafted. I couldn't be happier with them. Thank you.

Kirkwood, MO, USA.

Jim Peery
Cuatro Venezolano
Yes I got the Cuatro in fine shape. It's beautiful.I have been working with it some even with my busy schedule of baby sitting for my 5 year old grand children - twin boys about 40 hours a week. The sound seems better and I am getting the feel of the instrument. I'll keep you informed.

Middlesex, NJ, USA.

Ivan Caviedes
Muchas gracias por el envió de los ponchos con orden #213. Los recibimos hoy 30 de Septiembre y están muy lindos.

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Lucy Nikogosian
Sorry to bother you again, however I just had to let you know that you have benn so nice, polite, and helpful to me. I sincerely mean this. You have always responded back to me and really went out of your way to assist me. Thank you once again for being so great!

With lots of appreciation and gratitude.

Van Nuys, CA, USA.

Ed Petersen
Gamboa cuatro
The Gamboa Cuatro Venezolano has arrived safely. It is the nicest cuatro I have seen produced in South America and I am very happy with it. Thank you very much, Malu. Perhaps we will do business again soon. Is there a hard shell case available for this instrument?

Doylestown, PA, USA.

Carlos Cortes
Charango Orozco
Just to let you know that I have the "Orozco charango" in my hands now. Gracias por el CD and the "gig bag". The instrument sounds great, it has the Orozco sound.

Burnaby, BC, Canada.

Henny De Bruin
This is to let you know that the book you sent me arrived here this week in good order. I am very pleased with it, as it is about all the different instruments of Bolivia just the way I like them described - only pity my spanish is not so good thank you also for including a CD by Tupay - very nice bolivian music so thank you for the friendly and quick respons. I think your website is very well set up with easy and quick access to the different parts and not having to wait for long downloads. I may come soon again for some instrument - probably a ronrroco.

Amersfoort, Netherlands.

Stephen Brown
I wanted to let you know that I received my charango from you yesterday in excellent condition. It took only 14 days from Bolivia to Vermont, USA! Although it is one of the less expensive models, it is a beautiful instrument with excellent craftsmanship and has a nice bright sound.
I am now tuning it up to break in the strings and will begin to translate my knowledge of guitar to this new task. I would recommend your shop to anyone trying to find a charango.

Best of luck to you all.

White River Junction, Vermont, USA.

H. Steven Davis
I just wanted to let you know that I received everything in fine order and am very happy with the material, the zampoña is excellent. Do you know if the bombo skin should be moistened before changing it. I have never changed the bombo skin. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks again and good work.

Pleasant Hill, CA, USA.

Kathleen Morin
The package with the two ruanas arrived today and the ruanas are beautiful. I know I will enjoy them very much. I am especially happy with the red ruana. The length is perfect, and the colors and design are truly gorgeous.

Please extend my gratitude and admiration for the workmanship to the artist who created it. He is a master. I cannot thank you and him enough. It has been a pleasure doing business with you and I look forward to future opportunities for more excellent transactions.

New York, USA.


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