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DuraSmoke - Starter Kit

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Taste The Dura-Difference.

Producing top quality E-Liquid since 2009.  The first eLiquid manufacturer to be ISO 9001:2008 and cGMP certified  in all the world, committed to holding ourselves to the very highest standards in the industry.

Electronic Cigarettes, e-Hookahs, e-Sisha, and e-Liquids are not meant as a safe alternative to smoking and are not sold as smoking cessation products or otherwise intended for therapeutic purposes.

ONE DuraSmoke EVOD Kit and



DuraLiquid - Red Label (50%PG / 50%VG Base)
Red Label line is newest line made with 50/50 PG/VG - Propylene Glycol (PG)/Vegetable Glycerin (VG) base liquid. It's a great tasting and full flavor liquid. Benefits of Red Label line is that you will get a better throat hit, have less clouds and certain flavors will taste stronger.
DuraLiquid - Blue Label (100% VG Base E Liquid)
High VG liquids are the E-juice of choice for "power vapers" or just anyone who prefers big, billowy clouds of vapor and a nice light throat hit. While the knock on them is that they typically don't pack the flavor of E-Liquids with higher amounts of PG, We've taken VG flavor to the next level with the Blue Label line.

Apple Cinnamon Red Label
Apple Red Label
Durasmoke Baked Candy Apple Red Label
Baked Candy Apple Red Label
Banana Nut Bread Red Label
Banana Red Label
Black Cherry Red Label
Blackberry Champagne Red Label
Blackberry Chill Red Label
Blackberry Red Label
Blueberry Cheesecake Red Label
Blueberry Chill Red Label
Blueberry Cream Red Label
Blueberry Red Label
Butter Rum Red Label
Candy Cane Red Label
Champagne Red Label
Cheesecake Red Label
Cherry Red Label
Chocolate Cake Red Label
Chocolate Hazelnut Red Label
Chocolate Mint Red Label
CitraSmash Red Label
Classic Menthol Red Label
Classic Tobacco Red Label
Confetti Cake Red Label
Cream Puff (WVF) Red Label
CreamZilla Red Label
Dura Bull Red Label
Dura Dew Red Label
Durasmoke Juicy Pear Red Label
Durasmoke Unflavored
English Toffee Red Label
Fireball Red Label
Fruit Smoothie Red Label
Grape Chill Red Label
Grape Red Label
Green Apple Chill Red Label
Green Apple Red Label
Havana Cigar Red Label
Hot Cocoa Red Label
Java Red Label
Kiwi Cream Red Label
Lemon Chill Red Label
Mango Red Label
Mint Chill Red Label
Mocha Red Label
Orange Cream Red Label
Peach Chill Red Label
Peach Cream Red Label
Peach Red Label
Peanut Butter Cup Red Label
Pina Colada Red Label
Pineapple Chill Red Label
Pineapple Red Label
Punch Drunk Red Label
Raspberry Chill Red Label
Renegade Red Label
Root Beer Candy Red Label
RY4 Tobacco Red Label
Strawberry Banana Red Label
Strawberry Chill Red Label
Strawberry Cream Red Label
Strawberry Red Label
Sweet Lava Red Label
Tobacco Cherry Red Label
Tobacco Menthol Red Label
Tobacco Sweet Red Label
Tobacco Virginia Red Label
TrueBeca Red Label
Vanilla Red Label
Watermelon Chill Red Label
Watermelon Red Label
Wolfberry Red Label

Apple Cinnamon DuraLiquid
Apple DuraLiquid
Baked Candy Apple DuraLiquid
Banana DuraLiquid
Banana Nut Bread DuraLiquid
Black Cherry DuraLiquid
Blackberry Champagne DuraLiquid
Blackberry Chill DuraLiquid
Blackberry DuraLiquid
Blueberry Cheesecake DuraLiquid
Blueberry Chill DuraLiquid
Blueberry Cream DuraLiquid
Blueberry DuraLiquid
Butter Rum DuraLiquid
Candy Cane DuraLiquid
Champagne DuraLiquid
Cheesecake DuraLiquid
Cherry DuraLiquid
Chocolate Cake DuraLiquid
Chocolate Hazelnut DuraLiquid
Chocolate Mint DuraLiquid
CitraSmash DuraLiquid
Classic Menthol DuraLiquid
Classic Tobacco DuraLiquid
Confetti Cake DuraLiquid
Cream Puff (WVF) DuraLiquid
CreamZilla DuraLiquid
Dura Bull DuraLiquid
Dura Dew DuraLiquid
Durasmoke Unflavored E-Liquid
English Toffee DuraLiquid
Fireball DuraLiquid
Fruit Smoothie DuraLiquid
Grape Chill DuraLiquid
Grape DuraLiquid
Green Apple Chill DuraLiquid
Green Apple DuraLiquid
Havana Cigar DuraLiquid
Hot Cocoa DuraLiquid
Java DuraLiquid
Juicy Pear DuraLiquid
Kiwi Cream DuraLiquid
Lemon Chill DuraLiquid
Mango DuraLiquid
Mint Chill DuraLiquid
Mocha DuraLiquid
Orange Cream DuraLiquid
Peach Chill DuraLiquid
Peach Cream DuraLiquid
Peach DuraLiquid
Peanut Butter Cup DuraLiquid
Pina Colada DuraLiquid
Pineapple Chill DuraLiquid
Pineapple DuraLiquid
Punch Drunk DuraLiquid
Raspberry Chill DuraLiquid
Renegade DuraLiquid
Root Beer Candy DuraLiquid
RY4 Tobacco DuraLiquid
Strawberry Banana DuraLiquid
Strawberry Chill DuraLiquid
Durasmoke Strawberry Cream Eliquid
Strawberry Cream DuraLiquid
Strawberry DuraLiquid
Sweet Lava DuraLiquid
Tobacco Cherry DuraLiquid
Tobacco Menthol DuraLiquid
Tobacco Sweet DuraLiquid
Tobacco Virginia DuraLiquid
TrueBeca DuraSmoke eLiquid
TrueBeca DuraLiquid
Vanilla DuraLiquid
Watermelon Chill DuraLiquid
Watermelon DuraLiquid
Wolfberry DuraLiquid

This product was added to our catalog on Friday 13 October, 2017.
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